Overblow Harmonicas

Customized harmonicas

For years people have been asking me if I would build them a custom harmonica and now finally I have given in. You can now order custom harmonicas that are expertly set up for overblows.

My standard model has a black anodized aluminium comb, reedplates with stainless steel reeds, full length cover plates.

The brass model has a solid brass comb from  Blue Moon Harmonicas, reedplates with stainless steel reeds and full length cover plates.

The reedplates are embossed and tip scooped, the reeds straightened, gapped and tuned. All the reeds are fitted with wax around the rivets to counter squeeking. 

The gapping of the reeds is carefully checked to make sure that the balance between playing overblows and normal notes is just right. The reeds on the low notes are adjusted so that all the bent notes sound crisp and clear.



Standard model - 175 EURO

Brass model - 250 EURO

Other options are also possible, if you would like a different configuration, different comb or coverplates all can be arranged.


You can order a harmonica by sending an email to info@overblow.com, payment will be arranged through paypal.

User Contributed Notes
06-03-2017 13:19
Hey Dave, acrilic combs are possible. Shipping in Europe is between 6,95€ and 14,95€ depending on the country. Send an email to info@overblow.com so we can discuss options.
06-03-2017 13:14
Dave Jackson
Hi ?,
I have been looking for a long time for someone who customises a Seydel Session Steel.
Do you also have access to fantasy Acrylic combs for them?
What would the postage be to Mainland Europe?


08-02-2016 00:38
Stainless steel reeds last more than a month, they are extremely durable.
08-02-2016 00:32
Mike Truitt
How are the harps modified? I usually use Lee Osker harps. They cost plenty for a harp that might last me 1month. Do y'all make yur own model harps?
08-02-2016 00:32
Those are 3 different harmonicas; a bass harp, a vineta and the harp in te pictures.
08-02-2016 00:29
Mike Truitt
What have you done to these harmonicas so that they have a deep base note and a high note also ? I've heard many old straight Harper's play what sounded like yur "blow note" or (over blow note) except there were no bent high notes simultaneously.
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