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Lazy Lew is a nick-name for Ludo Beckers.

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    The Zoots (& Louisiana Red) - Live at the Banana Peel (1984) LP / The Zoots - Blues at the Farmhouse (1984) compilation-LP / The Zoots - Bad Days Are Gone (1986) LP / The Sultans - Little by Little (1987) LP / Medford Slim Band - Too Much Is Never Enough (1991) / Medford Slim Band - Come and Get It! (1994) / Calvin Jackson & Mississippi Bound - Goin' Down South (1998)

    recordings as guest:
    The Spanks - Lucky You (LP) / Katastroof - Den Aanhouwer Wint (LP) / Pierre Martin - Entre Lune et Soleil / Kilimandjaro - Soul-Blues Band / Gabs - Mama E! E! / Bob Christopher - Born on Friday the 13th / Dominic Kakolobango - African Acoustic / P Vansant - This Hounddog is Still Howlin' / Jan De Vos - Et Voila / Bill Barrett & Eric Holden - American Music For Gypsy Souls <-- click here to listen

    some info for harmonica maniacs:
    After playing blues for many years, I started exploring other music styles and experimenting with some odd tunings I invented.
    I don't have time to explore these tunings fully enough to ever play them on a bandstand, but maybe some youngster will pick it up one day ;-)
    The following home-recordings are meant to give an idea of some of the possibilities these weird tunings could offer; they of course do not represent my normal playing.

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